FLT-110 and Accessories


A William Optics FLT-110 air-spaced triplet. 110 mm, f/7. WO TMB designed matched field flattener. Moonlite focus motor. Rigel Systems Quickfinder and WO finder stalk. WO focus tube extender. Pretty much pristine. Used only twice “in the field”. Used extensively on my front-yard pier for photographic use.

A truly excellent visual instrument as well being extremely capable as a photographic instrument with the flattener. The flattener comes with the extension tube which terminates in a "T" thread. This is perfect for use with a DSLR, simply attach to a DSLR with T-thread and you're ready to go.

The Rigel Quickfinder has a custom made mounting block (vinyl) which allows it to be used with the WO finder stalk.

The primary objective has been modified to eliminate the diffraction artifacts common with this scope. The OEM nylon lens centering adjusment set screws have been replaced with stainless and plastic discs

FLT-110 and accessories